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Waeco MagicComfort MSH60 Seat Heating Kit

 Enjoy luxury-class seating comfort. MagicComfort retrofit insert seat heaters get your seat warm in a matter of seconds. These can be fitted to almost any vehicle with removable seat covers.

 This kit contains 4 heating elements, to fit in the back and base of 2 seats. They come with all the wiring required to fit, as well as 2 2-position rocker switches. The wiring is a universal loom and depending where and how you'd like to fit it may require some extending or modification. The heating elements for the seat and the backrest are fitted between the upholstery and the seat cover, without the retrofit eating elements changing the shape of your seat. The heat output can be set in two stages, low and high, for a comfortable temperature or fast heating. The seat heaters are connected with multi-plugs, allowing you to remove the seat base to access batteries and vehicle electrics etc.

 These can be fitted to any vehicle with removable seat covers.

 Voltage - 12 volt

Low Setting Output - 44 watts

High Setting Output - 90 watts

Seat Dimensions - 400mm x 280mm

Backrest Dimensions - 300mm x 280mm

Test Mark - e-approved to 95/54/EC


These will fit a wide range of vehicles, and we regularly fit these to Series and Defender seats.