Terrafirma Electronic Locking Differential

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The Terrafirma E Locker is perfect for Land Rovers used in commercial, utility, military, competition and recreational off-road activities. Selectable operation provides 100% drive when needed without affecting on road driving. Vastly improved traction with less need for momentum, reducing the potential of vehicle damage and environmental impact. Less strain on the vehicle’s driveline, reducing wear and tear. Incredibly simple yet effective design with minimal moving parts, resulting in maximum reliability. Suitable for both front and rear axles. Silent operation Super strong 4 pinion design Precision manufactured from high grade materials Fast and straightforward installation, no special tools or fluids require Complete wiring harness and illuminated dash mounted switch The Terrafirma E Locker can be fitted into 1983-1994 Defender 90s, 1989-1994 Discovery 1s & 1971-1994 Range Rover Classics and will require the half shafts to be changed to 24 splines.