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Completley new to the Market!! Our DIRT MONKEY OFFROAD® FREELANDER 2 REAR DIFF GUARD is our latest design to launch the Freelander 2 underbody armour range.


Our PERFORMANCE ARMOUR range is the product of choice for maximum protection for your vehicle whilst saving weight. 


The DIRT MONKEY OFFROAD® PERFORMANCE ARMOUR Rear diff guard will fit all variants of Freelander 2 * and is constructed from 8mm thick high strength ALLOY, it is designed for maximum protection and protects the entire rear differential from the front Haldex unit, around the drive shafts and all the way to the rear, whilst keeping additional weight to a minimum and benefits from integrated anti vibration rubber mounts and a 6 point mounting system. 


*PLEASE NOTE: If your rear differential is fitted with the rear balance weight, this will require removal in order to fit this part. Please check your vehicle prior to ordering.


Designed with a slider style construction, the guard will allow the vehicle to smoothly cross harsh obstacles that would normally snag on the bottom of the diff and potentially cause very expensive damage to the casing and internal components of the diff unit. Whilst our diff guard offers maximum protection to ALL the vunerable components of the rear diff, it is also designed with a "no frills" approach to cleaning and maintainence, there for it has protection where it needs it, as well as clear access for mud clearing and drainage to prevent build up around the diff. Our unique DIRT MONKEY OFFROAD design also incorporates anti-vibration mounting points which allow the diff to move and flex as the manufacturer intended without the diff guard restricting it.


Easily fitted with basic tools at home, our DIRT MONKEY OFFROAD® PERFORMANCE ARMOUR FREELANDER 2 REAR DIFF GUARD is the ultimate in underbody protection for your vehicle! 




    • Constructed from High Strength 8mm ALLOY.
    • Ultra durable corrosion resistant material.
    • Supplied with ALL required fixings and fittings.
    • CNC laser cut and pressed for precise accuracy and fitment.
    • Easy to fit with DIY tools.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If your rear differential is fitted with the rear balance weight, this will require removal in order to fit this part. Please check your vehicle prior to ordering.
    • Intigrated rubber mounts for anti vibration damping.
    • Designed for easy cleaning and Differential maintainence whilst providing maximum protection for critical areas of the Differential.
    • Displaying the genuine DIRT MONKEY OFFROAD ® branding for piece of mind that you are buying the highest quailty, genuine DIRT MONKEY OFFROAD ® parts.