Hi-flex, rose jointed, adjustable panhard rod for Defender, Discovery 1 and RRC models, RHD only

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The  lateral stability on the front of these vehicles is controlled by the panhard rod which links the front axle and the chassis, typically  mounted in parallel with the steering drag link connecting the steering  box support bracket to the front axle. When a vehicle has undergone a  suspension lift it pushes the axle away from the chassis. Due to the  fixed length of the panhard rod the axle is pulled off center towards  the driver’s side. Fitting an adjustable panhard rod allows the axle to  be adjusted back to its original central position In line with the rear  axle.

We have two types of panhard rod available, ADRRJAPR-M14 to suit Defender up to 2002, Discovery to 1998 and RRC models and ADRRJAPR-M16 to suit Defenders from 2002 onwards.



  • Fitted with heavy duty M20 PTFE lined rose joint complete with sealing boot.
  •     To suit up to +5 inch of lift.
  •     Heavy duty construction.
  •     MIG Welded.
  •     Shot blasted and powder coated.
  •     Can be used with standard or polyurethane bushes.
  •     Fits right hand drive cars only. 
  •     7kg.