Front Cross-Member spacers to fit Land Rover Discovery 2 (Td5 & V8)

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DIRT MONKEY OFFROAD® Front Cross - Memeber Spacers are an essential piece of kit for any Discovery 2 which has a suspension lift. 


A side effect of lifting a Discovery 2 is that it reduces the distance between the front propshaft and the front cross-member when the vehicle articulates the suspension. If this problem is over looked it can cause costly damage to your front Propshaft.


Our DIRT MONKEY OFFROAD® Front Cross-Member Spacers are the perfcet low cost, no fuss solution to this problem. When fitted between the chassis and front cross-member they lower the crossmember sufficiently to allow for suspension articulation on lifts of up to 4" without the front Propdhaft fouling without dropping it too far to cause a clearance issue.


Constructed from 15mm thick 5000 series marine grade aluminium, fininshed in a ultra durable corrosion resistant clear coating or powder coat finish and supplied with new extended replacment bolts, these really are a must have for any lifted Discovery!