Discovery 2 Td5/V8 Full Genuine Cranked Watts Linkage Kit

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This is complete kit to fit All models of the land rover discovery 2 Td5 and V8.combining one of my unique greasable watts linkages and a set of my new heavy duty, extended cranked watts linkage arms.genuine bushes are used throughout.The three in the center pivot have been modified to make them the fully greasable. The cranked Watts linkage arms are designed to allow for a more unrestricted rear axle articulation, when you lift the suspension, the watts linkage arms in particular the lower arm sit at an abnormal angle, this causes the lower arm to bind up on the center bracket when flexing.not only does this limit the amount of travel available at full droop it puts extra strain on the bushes.These Heavy duty arms overcome this issue, both arms are extended with the lower arm being cranked to avoid contacting the center bracket.This now gives you greater articulation and flex when off road.the kit comes with a full set of new bolts and free uk delivery is included.