Caster corrected front radius and rear trailing arms for Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic models

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When a coil sprung Land Rover is lifted the caster angle of the front axle is changed. The effect this can have is vagueness and the lack of self-centring of the steering. For trucks with suspension lifts we recommend fitting caster corrected front radius arms to return the steering to the correct geometry. 

We have a range of sizes and degrees of correction available. We have 2 sizes available, early narrow type (38mm) to fit DEF up to approximately 1992 or RRC up to approximately 1986 or later wide type (44mm), to fit all DISCO 1’s, DEF from approximately 1992 onwards and RRC models from approximately 1986 onwards, each available in 3 different castor options, standard, 3 degree for 2/3 inch lift or 6 degree castor corrected for 4/5 inch lift.

Our heavy duty rear trailing arms will vastly improve the axle articulation of your truck by allowing greater trailing arm twist from cranking the arms. This also means your trailing arm bushes will have increased life expectancy as they are not constantly under strain. We have 2 lengths of trailing arms available. Standard length cranked arms to suit lifts up to 3inch and a +10mm version better suited to over 3inch lift. Please be aware, we only recommend fitting our +10mm versions if you will be fitting in conjunction with one of our length adjustable a-frames. Altering the length of the lower link without the upper will cause a change in castor affecting the prop shaft angle/performance. Our +10mm arms are aimed at fine tuning the rear suspension on a +4/5inch lift. If you don’t have an adjustable a-frame or ball joint we recommend fitting our regular standard length cranked arms instead.

Fitting notes

Please be aware before fitting that these radius arms are sided left and right (milled notch to inside). All our radius arms feature the strong later type 20mm pin at the chassis end, if your truck has the early 5/8” thread arms (RRC pre 1986 only) you will need to fit the later 20mm bushes instead, Superpro part number SPF0206K.

Bushes are supplied in the box to be fitted by the customer themselves.